The company "Huberta and Masrrondo" emerged in 2012 as part of their individual circus studies in Europe. It is the combination of its two members: Rocío Vázquez Sosa, who is an aerial acrobat from Argentina; And Camilo Gutiérrez Muñoz, he is a floor acrobat from Chile. His work consists of mixing his acrobatic knowledge with the theatricality of his clowns. Humor and physical challenges are the key to their creations, where they interact in a duet game from the clown as well as catcher and flyer. Both have been in the circus for more than ten years, and are professional interpreters of their special techniques. In 2013 his creation "Become a monkey!" Becomes his most outstanding work to date. As this is a street show, the company had the possibility to travel all around countries such as Italy, Belgium, France, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, also participating in festivals and meetings of street art, bringing their clowns to all types of place and public.