"Become a Monkey!"

This is the story of how "Huberta y Masrrondo" want to be the winners of the love of their public, giving birth to the most ridiculous but acrobatic fight! Changing the quarrel into a beautiful dance of love and laugh; To be both winners of happiness and affection that would never have reached the one without the other.

The Spectacle is designed to be showned not only in the street, but also in auditoriums.  It is a clown-acrobatic spectacle in which the discipline of "The Hanger" is developed, it is an old technique of the traditional circus that fuses the balance of "hand to hand" and "aerial hoop"; They also show acrobatic floor and acrobatic duo.

Auditorium show​

"Hanging from The Hanger"

When two clowns set out to explore in all their possibilities, with the other and with what surrounds them, they take the risk of exposing themselves to the most exorbitant risks of their lives! Without even being aware of it... In this case the Circus Company "Huberta y Masrrondo" presents "Hanging from The Hanger", a clown story with a very difficult discipline,The Hanger, which combines balance and aerial acrobatics; With the naivety, but the audacity of this two clowns, you will see how this duo will do everything to hang from the hanger, no matter what!!

They develop a physical-acrobatic performance that combine their knowledge in duo acrobatics with the manipulation of their renowned Hanger and, of course... the humor, love and hatred of these two characters with red noses.