Rocío Vázquez Sosa


From a very young age she became soaked in art when she followed the theater, dance and musical comedy as her recreation activities. Later on, in his adolescence, she was able to fuse her passions with the circus; With the aerial silk, the aerial hoop and trapez she began to fly and did not stop until arriving at the old continent where she specialized in aerial cradle, in Belgium and Spain. Adding to her training, the discipline of acrobatic duo formed "Huberta and Masrrondo", where we can see her as a clown. His parallel training in theater and his circus training allowed her to work in different circus and theater companies. "Huberta and Masrrondo", is her current circus company with which she traveled around the world presenting her latest show "Become a Monkey."



She is an envious and competitive but very affectionate clown. Her clumsiness will interfere with everything she sets out to do, but she will get it, because she has a lot of joy and love to give. She is looking for joint achievements and happiness!! Trying to leave behind the fear of a life of loneliness.

Camilo Alejandro Gutiérrez Muñoz


He began his training in circus arts at the age of 12, at the "El Circo del Mundo" school in Chile. He continued working at Circunloquio Group, a circus company in Chile, too. Then, in 2011, he traveled to "E.S.A.C" (Ecole Superior des Arts du Cirque) in Brussels, Belgium, where he specialized in acrobatics and hand-to-hand disciplines. In 2012, he continued his technical and artistic training at the "Centre Regional des Artes du Cirque" C.R.A.C in Lomme, Lille, France, adding to his training the mini bascule. He worked in parallel in circus street shows in Chile, Argentina, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Forming, in 2013, the circus-clown company "Huberta and Masrrondo".




He is a submissive but very talented clown. His ingenuity and goodness make him extremely manipulative. But he always triumphs with his skills and his tenderness. He is a lover of jokes, as well as of his companion, with whom he discovers mutual learning through the error and the characteristic failure of this clown. But he always makes people loves him at the end.